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Strolling & Close-up

Georges brings the magic up close and personal by mingling and performing amongst small groups at your event.

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A 30-minute mentalism show perfect for smaller venues, such as private parties, banquets and nightclubs.

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A 40-minute performance intended for a theater setting, culminating with an illusion in the grand-master style.

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Georges engages the active minds of the children with magical comedy and surprise effects.

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The Shows:

You wish to bring an extra special element to your event? Classic magic has delighted and enchanted audiences for centuries, and the distinctive style of Magician, Illusionist & Mentalist Georges-Robert carries on with this tradition. He charms at the personal level and “wows” on a grander scale. His shows, whether for a small, intimate gathering or a group of children or for a larger corporate event, wedding or charity function, provides memorable entertainment that your guests will be talking about long after. There are four type of shows Georges can present, and with notice, he can tailor the specifics for your needs.

Strolling & Close-up:

Georges-Robert’s award-winning close-up magic astounds. He entertains with mysterious demonstrations of illusion, mind-reading and sleight-of-hand. His repertoire can entertain a young tyke to the most mature in taste, leaving many to gawk in amazement and ask, “How did he do that?”

Strolling and close-up magic is ideal for mixers, receptions, banquets and large private parties. Georges will mingle with your guests performing amongst small groups. If your guests are seated, he'll perform tableside before their meal is served. For large events, Georges brings a folding close-up table to set up where he is needed to entertain the passing guests. A good rule of thumb is one hour of strolling magic for every 50-60 guests. Georges’ close-up magic is a terrific icebreaker and creates an engaging atmosphere for all.

There is also Georges' formal close-up show for smaller gatherings for a dozen to 20 guests. In this setting, Georges sets up his close-up table in the front of the room and engages the guests to join him as he dazzles them with mentalism, mind–reading and his signature effect, metal-bending. This 20 to 30-minute interactive performance is the same that he performs at the world-famous Magic Castle®. Your guests will be amazed.

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Parlor Magic:

Whether an intimate space for a dozen guests or a gathering of 100, Georges-Robert will command the attention of the room. This 30-minute mentalism show blends turn-of-the-century stories and effects with a dash of humor, mystery and a touch of the supernatural. Georges always dresses for the part in his elegant or vintage attire. It is suitable for a mixed audience from young to old and is sure to delight.

And yet, there is another version of this parlor show, something unique to Georges’ style and sought up to a year in advance – his Halloween Parlor show. Here, Georges’ will take you on an eerier trip down the haunted lane as he communicates with the other side all in the quest of the eternal question, “Do the spirits come back?” This paranormal magic parlor show is peppered with elements of spirits, mind-reading and mysterious effects from beyond. He has performed this featured act several years in a row at The Magic Castle®, however it is available for select evenings at your event for those with a lively and hearty imagination. Georges does dress devilishly or in a vampire style at request.

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Stage Act:

Looking for something on a grander scale? Georges-Robert presents his Soirées Fantastiques, a show to be experienced at a proper stage venue. This 40-minute performance comes with all the mystery and illusion you expect from an elegant conjurer. Joined by his lovely assistant, Georges will interact with the audience and deliver impossible predictions, engaging storytelling and classic levitation. This show will be the grand finale for your special celebration or corporate event.

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Children's Shows:

Georges has a natural rapport with children and knows how to make them laugh and feel special. He is especially attuned to the nuances of a shy child all the way to the intuitive, smart child and can adapt his language and effects to keep their attention – no small feat if you’re a parent, or an entertainer. With that said, Georges recommends his children’s show for those 5-years and above in order for the group to be truly appreciative of the presentation.

Georges' 30-minute children’s show always includes the host child as an active participant, along with several of the other young guests. Georges employs large colorful props, humor and a quick wit to charm and amaze them. Parents often notice a hush ensues by the second effect as the children take notice that a true wizard in their midst. Georges’ repertoire is even clever enough to carry a Harry Potter theme at request.

After the children's show, Georges always offers a close-up magic presentation to the adults at hand, if you wish. This allows all your guests to appreciate the art and charm of engaging magic and provides a memorable event for young and old alike.

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For information and booking: call 714-907-1275